Propane for Your Home

Cooking with gas is more efficient and easier than cooking with electricity. With propane, there’s no need to wait for the oven or stove to reach the right temperature. Just light up the gas right away, and start cooking!

Propane can enhance your outdoor lifestyle too. Whether you’re grilling outside, heating your swimming pool or spa, or fueling an outdoor fireplace, propane is the choice fuel for energy-efficient, convenient outdoor living.

Your First Propane Delivery

There are many instances where a residential propane delivery is made while the customer is not at home. This is very common and quite often the norm regarding most propane deliveries. There are several things that the propane company needs to know about your property before delivering to your home, especially if it's a new driver or a new propane company servicing your tank. First of all, propane companies will keep a record of certain instructions you have for them but you may need to meet the driver at your home the first time a delivery is made. Remember that a propane delivery bobtail is a big and heavy truck that doesn't turn on a dime or go under trees and overhangs as easily as the family car can. Several things you definitely need to inform the delivering propane company of include:

  • Septic Tank Location - A propane truck is heavy enough that thick concrete septic tank covers and lids are easily broken through when run over by a gas delivery truck.
  • Overhead Power Lines - When a delivery is made at night, which is sometimes the case, the driver may not see low hanging overhead power lines. Also, if power lines are hidden by low hanging trees, the truck tank may hit these causing a power loss.
  • Sprinkler Systems - Many yards with sprinkler systems can be damaged if a bobtail or service truck runs over any part of the irrigation system.

Some propane companies may ask that somebody be home if it's the first time to deliver. Although it may be an inconvenience, it is strictly for the protection of your property and should be viewed as such. It will also help the homeowner acquaint themselves with the company representative as well as provide the driver with any direction they may need for future deliveries.


Our automatic propane delivery and will-call fuel delivery options are available, for Universal Propane residential customers. As a customer of either option, you can trust that prompt delivery with qualified drivers and helpful customer service are our top priorties.

Automatic Delivery

Take the worry out of wondering whether or not you have arranged for the delivery of propane. With our automatic rout delivery, we take care of the details. Sophisticated computer programs can be used, but we prefer using a regular scheduled rout delivery system so everyone knows what to expect. This service is available at no extra cost!

Call for Delivery

If you prefer to monitor the fuel in your tank and pay as you go for the deliveries, you can call in you order from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you have questions, Universal Propane can assist you by recommending the best equipment and appliances to purchase. We will also install and service equipment throughout our delivery area.

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Propane Tank Size

The size of your propane tank will depend on your individual use and energy requirements. The guidelines below are for typical use of the appliances listed. A certified Universal Propane representative is your best resource for determining the specific tank size to meet your propane needs. Our qualified technicians will come to you to assess the size and qualification you need.

Tank Sizes

100# Cylinder
420#/120 Gallon Above Ground Tank
250 Gallon Above Ground Tank
500 Gallon Above Ground Tank
1000 Gallon Above Ground Tank

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Universal Propane is pleased to offer you many great ways to save:

Builders Programs

Universal Propane has developed a unique program specifically designed to assist our builder customer class in Southern Oregon, Northern Nevada and Eastern California. We know your construction costs continue to rise even though market pressure keeps your sale prices down. Anywhere you can save money goes right to YOUR BOTTOM LINE and that’s what we care about.

Installation Programs

We can work with you on the installation of your equipment, interior & exterior lines and propane tanks

Propane tank Installation

Whether this is you first experience with propane as a fuel source for you home or business, or you are expanding an existing system, Universal Propane’s number one goal is to give you a safe, professional, and trouble-free installation that will bring you many years of emjoyment and comfort.

How much does it cost to install a propane tank? Each installation is unique, with differing requirements and parameters. We treat every installation from large to small with the same care and professionalism that has made Universal Propane a trusted name in our area for over 16 years. Universal Propane has tank leasing offers and experienced technicians to keep these costs down. We offer tank installations along with interior and exterior line installations. All it takes is one call to have your propane installation completed in a professional and timely manner. Contact us for more details.

Tank Purchase & Lease Programs

Propane tanks are available in various sizes 100#, 120, 320, 500 and 1000 gallon. The size of the tank will be based on the appliances that are powered by propane

Temporary Heat Programs

We can offer up to 100# cylinders for temporary heat during winter construction


Make sure the grill burner controls are turned off and keep the cylinder valve closed when not in use.


Ensure that homeowners understand how to properly maintain their propane appliances.


Powering indoor forklifts and other loading equipment with propane is not only a convenient choice.

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We service, rent and install propane tanks for your needs with all the current safety equipment and codes.

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